Arria and Eagle enhance process automation
for Investment Managers using advanced NLG technology

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This technology is transformative for Financial Services

“We are working with Arria to build a set of capabilities in portfolio management, portfolio analysis and performance measurement that will help our clients potentially reduce the amount of time they spend writing personalized client summaries and reports.” 

—Joel Kornblum, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, Eagle Investment Services

Eagle Investment Services is just one of the many Strategic Alliances and Partnerships that Arria is engaged in as we use our advanced NLG technology to bring instant insights, faster decision-making and process automation to Financial Services and other industries worldwide.

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Natural Language Generation (NLG) is changing the BI landscape


Advanced NLG is taking Business Intelligence (BI) to the next level.
Companies integrating NLG into their BI solutions are seeing amazing
results and solid returns on investment.

Inside this whitepaper you learn:

How NLG is...

  • Providing on-demand access to written reports
  • Freeing up employees for higher-value functions
  • Removing the ambiguity for better decision-making
  • Taking the analysis further ... to interpretation
  • Increasing value to keep up with increasing data complexity

Seven Use Cases

The Architecture of Arria NLG’s BI Integration

How Arria's BI Add-in Works

How BI Analysts Are Now Empowered Like Never Before

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