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Intelligent Narratives for Digital Finance

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Drive accelerated business outcomes.

Humanize the way you interact with data.

Increase speed and efficiency of report writing

Significantly reduce the time needed to create and distribute data-driven financial reports with advanced Natural Language Generation, out-of-the-box.

Reduce time to insights

Discover insights instantly in clear language with AI-generated written summaries.

Inform better decision making

Generate consistent narrative reports that are 100% accurate, 100% of the time — with no human error.

​Democratize data understanding

Remove department silos and easily distribute your insights across your organization with the ability to share reports to external channels.

Reduce costs and increase revenue

Adding AI-authored financial reports to your existing dashboard improves operational efficiencies and enables you to increase the return on your BI investment.

Finance Analyst generates intelligent narratives to empower your dashboard with easy-to-understand automated narrative insights that will drive data literacy and business outcomes in these areas — and more.


Sales Performance

See comprehensive sales performance across multiple categories.


Expense Reporting

Analyze YTD spend by cost elements, area analysis, and more.


Revenue Reporting

Generate in-depth coverage of revenue drivers and offsets.


Dramatically improve speed and efficiency

"Arria's built-in analytical and linguistic capabilities provide us with the technology to dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of our reporting. A key benefit for us is that we can use this powerful platform to create our own NLG applications within our department."

— Brian O’Connor, Lead Director, Advanced Analytics GBS, AstraZeneca

Generate financial reports more efficiently and accurately using one of three unique plans

Finance Analyst Standard

Self-configurable narratives that can be created out-of-the-box

  • Easily add Intelligent Narratives within your existing dashboards in minutes. No coding required.

Finance Analyst Premium

Edit narratives to adjust word choice, paragraphs and style

  • If you want to fine-tune the language output, no problem. Edit and tailor your narratives to suit your voice.

Finance Analyst Professional

Customize narratives completely for a personalized experience

  • Build narrative outputs to your required specifications. Your data, your narratives, your way.

Arria-hosted public cloud

Multiple users, simple data use cases, lowest price per user, fastest adoption and setup.

Arria-hosted private cloud

Single customer dedicated environment deployed and maintained by Arria. Optional integration with customer authentication (via SSO).

Customer-hosted solution

Entire system hosted on customer-owned/managed infrastructure behind the customer firewall. Customer controls all data and user authentication.


Integrate Finance Analyst using one of Arria’s three secure and robust deployment options that accommodate your data security requirements.

Significantly increased dashboard value

“Through deploying Arria NLG within the existing Tableau ecosystem, the JNJ LATAM procurement team has seen significantly increased value in their Tableau dashboards. In addition, through an NLG-enabled reporting workflow, the team can now produce and communicate key insights about the business better and faster overall.”

— Priscilla Rodriguez, Technical Product Owner, CBT Data Analytics & Integration, Johnson & Johnson