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MicroStrategy World 2022

Join Arria for our presentation on Tuesday, February 1st at 4:00pm ET


Go from seeing to understanding your Dossier with the power of Arria NLG

Discover how to deepen insights into your financial information, turning it into strategic intelligence by leveraging Arria’s add-in on your MicroStrategy dossier.

This session is hosted by Arria NLG, the global leader in Natural Language Generation. 

Want to know more about how Arria empowers MicroStrategy?


Setup for Simplicity

Simply download the Arria for MicroStrategy extension, configure your parameters, and instantly add intelligent narratives for your visuals and their underlying data.

Empowering Faster Decisions

Insights are instantly discovered, analyzed and communicated in natural language and in real-time — resulting in instant data understanding.

No Interpretation Necessary

Create BI dossiers that are simpler and faster to interpret so your viewers never have to try and distill your data's story from your graphs, charts and tables.


"With Arria, MicroStrategy users can quickly and easily generate highly customizable narratives"

— Zachary Rea, Director Sales Engineering, MEA at MicroStrategy