Arria for Tableau 3.0 Use Cases

How experts use narratives
to drive business value

Thursday, May 20th | 11am ET

Discover the top 5 use cases for instantly generated narratives:

Ready to see how data-literate analysts are using natural language to optimize the business value of their Tableau dashboards? Join us for this deep dive into some of the best NLG use cases that will inspire you to transform your dashboard and accelerate your data understanding.

In this session, our experts will show you how to:

  • Maximize your dashboard ROI with reduced reporting time and increased knowledge sharing
  • Bring clarity and understanding to your dashboard viewers with natural language queries
  • Use Arria’s 8 language analytics apps to instantly discover key insights within the entire dataset
  • Augment your analytics so viewers can easily realize the story behind your visuals

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"We're working with Arria to help clients significantly reduce the amount of time they spend writing reports"

—Joel Kornblum, Global Head of Strategic Alliances, BNY Mellon


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