Partner Webinar | Arria + Deloitte

Smart Reporting Solutions:
Exploring innovative reporting channels that use conversational AI

Thursday, July 1st | 12pm EDT

Join Arria and Deloitte to learn why Smart Reporting with Narratives is the data-literacy strategy you need in 2021:

Companies everywhere are implementing conversational-AI solutions to allow their customers to more easily engage with them, and to more quickly get answers to their questions. But what about other use cases for CAI? What are the innovative reporting channels your company should be looking at?

Innovative reporting channels that leverage conversational platforms with BI dashboards and virtual digital assistants (VDAs) give business leaders immediate access to key insights from their data—letting them ask questions in real time and converse directly with their data. It’s hands-free, it’s on the go, and it can really speed things up for the busy executive who needs to be briefed while multi-tasking away from screens.

Join us for a webinar hosted by Arria and Deloitte in which we’ll discuss:

  • The vision for innovative reporting
  • Leveraging an NLG integration to enable access to data on the go
  • Embedding intelligent chat into your dashboards, for fast answers to specific questions
  • Transforming the way in which you ask, understand, and action your data

The future is not as far as it seems how to get started with innovative reporting today!

"By 2023, data literacy will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs.Yet only 23% of respondents to Gartner’s Fifth Annual CDO Survey indicated that they defined and tracked metrics to measure the value delivered by data analytics in terms of stakeholder outcomes."   — Gartner

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"Embedding Arria NLG in our Incident Reporting Dashboard shows us clearly where we stand with our Target Support Level and what are driving incidents so we can more effectively concentrate on critical areas."

—Timo Schwarzkopf, Epic Owner - Reporting as a Service, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM IT GMBH


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