Webinar | Arria for Tableau

Creating Tableau dashboards that are easier and faster to interpret

Thursday, July 8th | 1pm EDT

The fastest way to interpret and communicate data insights

Data-literate companies that democratize their data possess the critical ability to retrieve, structure, analyze, consume, and leverage data to their advantage. Regardless of your industry, the need for continuous access to intelligence that is both accurate and timely is crucial.

The most effective way to explain and understand data? Natural language – in narrative summaries.

This session will demonstrate the simplicity and power of adding Arria for Tableau 3.0 to your dashboard to accelerate data literacy and data democratization.

Join our experts as they discuss Arria for Tableau 3.0: Creating Tableau dashboards that are easier and faster to interpret

In this deep dive, you’ll learn how to:

  • Add Arria-powered instant narratives to bring clarity and understanding to Tableau dashboards
  • Gain verbal explanation and put visuals into context with natural language.
  • Focus on the key information your Explorers and Viewers need to make fast, accurate decisions
“To maximize value from the use of analytics, BI, and data science solutions, data and analytics leaders should… bolster analytic content consumers by deploying more consumer-friendly capabilities such as automated insights, data storytelling…”

— Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

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"Embedding Arria NLG in our Incident Reporting Dashboard shows us clearly where we stand with our Target Support Level and what are driving incidents so we can more effectively concentrate on critical areas."

—Timo Schwarzkopf, Epic Owner - Reporting as a Service, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM IT GMBH


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