Webinar | Arria for Tableau

How Tableau teams are accelerating data understanding with Tableau 3.0

Wednesday, June 30th | 1pm EDT

Discover why visual analytics alone are no longer enough

Despite countless ways to collect information and brief decision-makers, surfacing the critical insights buried in large, often siloed, datasets is growing every more difficult. The most effective way to explain and understand data? Natural language – in narrative summaries.

Join Arria as we discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities encountered by businesses striving to become data literate by going beyond visual analytics: How Tableau teams are accelerating data understanding with Arria for Tableau 3.0.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Finding the key insights in big data
  • Making better informed decisions — faster
  • Leveraging augmented analytics effectively
  • Implementing intelligent chat for fast answers to specific questions.
"To maximize value from the use of analytics, BI, and data science solutions, data and analytics leaders should …bolster analytic content consumers by deploying more consumer-friendly capabilities such as automated insights, data storytelling…"   — Gartner

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